Mission Statement:

Music education is the cultivation of creative expression and the embracing of sound and culture. As a teacher it is my mission to provide students with the tools to express themselves through music while challenging them to widen the circle that defines what music is, both culturally and historically.  I accomplish this through a concentration on improvisation, composition and exposure to music of varying cultures and times. This philosophy gives the student the tools to develop their ears thoroughly and approach his/her instrument from an original and unique approach.


A partial list of teaching postitions include:

- Music Director/Teacher for Passport Project (Cleveland, OH, 2002-2005).
- Chamber ensemble coach for Cleveland Heights high school (2003-2005).
- Artist-Educator summer literacy program, Cleveland City Schools, 4th-5th grades, (2002).
Young Audiences summer literacy program, 3rd grade, (2000-2001).
Cleveland Music School Settlement Summer Music Camp, (2001).
- Presented lecture demonstrations in various locations including arts education and
  performance center Plan B in Santa Fe (2003)
, and the Visiones Sonoras Festival in Mexico City (2005)..
- Developing children's operettas as an artist in residence for the Santa Fe Opera (2006-present).
- Adjunct Professor of music for the College of Santa Fe (2007-2008).

- Artist in residence for Artworks (Partners in Education) (2007-2011).
-Music teacher for Dragonfly school (2010-2011).
-Artsmart (2011-present)

Jeremy is also available for private instruction in Composition, Music Theory, bass, guitar, and oud.



Jeremy with a student at Wood Gormley Teaching for Artsmart in Santa Fe,NM

teaching in cleveland public schools for passport project