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recent events:
Grasshopper Music released its 8th and 9th albums March 26th,
Santa Fe University of Art and Design, O'Shaunghnessy
$10 admission, $15 with one cd, $20 with both cd's!

Trio Andaluz - Sights Unseen
Release date: March 26th
Meagan Chandler - voice, Gregory Gutin - percussion, Jeremy Bleich - oud
Featuring six new original compositions and one cover of an Elliot Smith song.


And Kodama Trio's debut album
Release date: March 26th
Robert Muller - piano, Milton Villarrubia III - drums, Jeremy Bleich - bass
Featuring nine new original compositions and one cover of a Jimi Hendrix song.


GrasshopperMusic dual release party facebook invite

Grasshopper Studios has moved into its new home in Chupadero, NM.
Chupadero is a small community in the mountains of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, 15miles North of Santa Fe.
We will be expanding our recording facilities in this space which has been operating as Jono Manson's studio "The Kitchen Sink" for 9 years.
Pentet's debut album is the first on the docket to record in the new space in January, in the meantime,
I will be collecting firewood. .. .

Below is a video from the upcoming Jeremy Bleich Grasshopper Music solo record "DuB" for your viewing pleasure.
"DuB" will be Grasshopper Music's first vnyl release in 2016.


Jeremy directed his new original score for the 12th annual Circus Luminous at the Historic Lensic Theatre
in Santa Fe Nov 27th-29th. This is his 9th year composing and directing the music for Luminous.

This years Luminous Orchestra includes:
Hillary Schacht - violin
Lisa Donald - cello
Justin Bransford - acoustic and electric bass
Paul "Feathericci" Groetzinger - drums and elecronics
Jeremy Bleich - piano, guitar, keys and electronics

facebook invite
Wisefool NM


The Miltones were recently featured on KUNM's new music series, here is a video of the Mil-Tones Brass Band peforming "Rope", a song composed by Jeremy Bleich.



SanFrancisco saxophonist Joshua Smith plays SFUAD Friday, Sept 11th 7:30 at O'Shaunessey Hall.
Chris Jonas - sax
Jeremy Bleich - bass
Milton Villarrubia III - drums
Josh Smith plays SFUAD

Pentet debuts at the Roost Creative Music Series on Sunday Aug 23rd.
Pentet is a collective of five of New Mexico's creative composers and improvisers for a new project exploring
a balance of through composed pieces balanced with improvisational explorations involving conduction,
rhythmic modulation, virtuostic playing, and soaring melodic and harmonic material.

Pentet is:

Chris Jonas - sax
Micah Hood - trombone
Jeremy Bleich - guitar
Justin Bransford - bass
Milton Villarrubia III - drums

Hey Albuquerque - I am playing with a marvelous new ensemble called PENTET tomorrow evening (Sunday, August 23rd) at The...

Posted by Jeremy Bleich on Saturday, August 22, 2015

Sunday, April 12th at 7:30 pm. A concert in the Yurt:

House Concert VII!

Join us for a house concert with three uniquely different soloists playing acoustic and electronic instruments.
Jeremy Bleich - oud
Micah Hood - trombone & electronics
Christian Pincock - trombone & electronics

I have been asked to be the Music Director for the upcoming LifeSongs Concert at the Lensic May 9th. This is a great honor and priveledge for me to be involved in this very special work and to help bring it to the world.... About Lifesongs

Lifesongs is an intergenerational arts project that promotes social inclusion and dignity for elders and people in hospice care. Central to the Lifesongs process is the artist-facilitated creation of original musical works by people in nursing homes and hospice care. Lifesongs engages youth and community members in the interactive creative process and hosts public events that increase awareness and engagement with the processes of aging and dying.
Lifesongs collaborations are of two kinds:
One-to-one sessions between facilitating artists and people in hospice and nursing care A unique intergenerational ensemble created with residents of nursing care facilities, artists from the community, youth performers and school children
Before Lifesongs we just existed. Now we are living. I feel like a role model. ~ Gladys, nursing home participant
Lifesongs is essential—a remarkable opportunity to bring meaningful expression to what lives most deeply in us as we come to the last stages of our lives. Through Lifesongs we can all transform, learning to become better at being human, a key intent of the Academy. ~ Aaron Stern, Academy Founder and President
I had no idea I could do anything like this. ~ Mary, hospice participant
Lifesongs’ artists provide a safe environment in which each person is truly witnessed. The in-depth collaborative practice is transformative. It allows participants to identify and express something of meaning in the latter stages of their lives.
The collaborative creative process culminates in concert performances of the original musical works. The resulting lifesongs are as varied as the individual lives and experiences they represent. They have included love songs, homages to family and friends, reflective contemplations, creative multi-media explorations of gardening, and simple prayers for freedom and peace.

Lifesongs in Concert

Professional musicians, local choirs, and artists of all ages perform the Lifesongs in a concert for the public. Our current performing partners include UNM’s Dolce Suono Chorus (conductor, Regina Carlow) and The Santa Fe Opera’s Young Voices Program. Past collaborators have included the College of Santa Fe Student Chorus and Your Song (a threshold choir).
In the four years since the program began, concert audiences have increased significantly. To accommodate this growing Lifesongs community, both the Lensic Performing Arts Center (Santa Fe) and the National Hispanic Cultural Center (Albuquerque) have generously hosted concerts since 2010.

For more info

The Kodama Christmas Cd release party is December 20th, 21st and 26th!!
One more show in Taos:
Taos inn Adobe bar on Friday, Dec. 26th.

in Santa Fe, NM. Last year's Christmas shows were packed, so come early.

checkout the recording on SoundCloud:


Robert Muller - keys
Jeremy Bleich - bass
Milton Villarrubia - drums

The cd is full of classics and x-mass surprises, This ain't your mama's x'mas album. . . although it could be.

I was asked to compose and direct the music for this years
Circus Luminous once again at the Lensic Theatre in downtown Santa Fe, NM.
This marks my 7th year composing for this wonderful gift to Santa Fe.

This year the band includes:
Paul Feathericci - drums, electronics
J.Q. Whitcomb - trumpet
Micah Hood - trombone
Mark Weaver - tuba
J.Bleich - piano, keyboard, guitar and oud.

Solo Oud Concert at Casa Flamenca in Albuquerque, NM


Jeremy Bleich performs original compositions for the oud in an intimate setting at Casa Flamenca.
401 Rio Grande NW, Albuquerque, NM
$10 admission
Jeremy Bleich - Solo oud concert at Casa Flamenca

Jeremy Bleich - Solo Oud July 6th 6-8 at The Root Cafe
Performing original compositions and traditional Arabic and Jewish songs
click the link below for more information.

Jeremy Bleich - Solo oud concert at the Root Cafe in Lakewood, OH.

Jeremy plays with Ruth Zapora's International Action Theatre Saturday May 31st. at the Railyard Performance Venue @8pm
performing on many instruments including drums, melodica, melodyhorn, toy piano, bells, cans and a variety of found objects.

See the flyer below for details.


Jeremy is playing oud with Consuelo Luz' new trio "Luz" featuring my good friend and amazing Flamenco guitarist Joaquin Gallegos.
Conseulo is a well known interpretor of Sephardic Ladino music originating from medieval Spain.

Trio Luz has a definitive sound that includes Flamenco and Arabic influences, as well as Conseulo's Charango,
adding a Latin American flavor as well.

Our debut live performance was Sunday, May 18th at Nahalot Shalom's festival of Sephardic Jewish music.
Trio Luz will be closing the festival.

Nahalat Shalom 3606 Rio Grande Blvd NW, Albuquerque, New Mexico 87107
See the link below for details:
Festival Djudeo-Espanyol 2014: Celebrating the Spanish Jewish Presence in New Mexico

You can listen to Trio Luz in a podcast radio broadcast here

New Orleans, LA
March 28-April 2nd with The Binary Stars
William Thompson IV - keys/processing
Simon Lott - drums/keys/electronics
Jeremy Bleich - bass/processing
The Binary Stars hit the Blue Nile (Open Ears festival), Bachanal, and The Always Lounge, as well as recording.

You can buy Grasshopper Music's latest release:
Trio Andaluz' debut disk here

A recent review from the Best of Santa Fe at Santa

"Other highlights ... the Middle Eastern stylings of anything tied to the talented Jeremy Bleich (the self-titled Trio Andaluz, Meagan Chandler's -Sensual)."

.... and on Meagan Chandler's Grasshopper Music debut release - Sensual:

"Blending a whimsical pop sensibility, eclectic global tastes and a passion for performance art, Meagan Chandler has achieved a triumph with her debut solo outing, Sensual. Throughout the album, Chandler switches nimbly between styles as diverse as jazz, salsa, disco, dub reggae and electronica sometimes, as in the case of Eve's Song, within the same track. With Santa Fe's own musical mad professor Jeremy Bleich (of Grasshopper Music) behind the sound, the album proves itself as cohesive as it is eclectic, not an easy task. Sensual is a veritable orgy of sonic bliss." -
Todd Eric Lovato Santa

Trio Andaluz has rescheduled its Boulder House Concert for Nov. 30th.
see flyer below for details:

Trio Andaluz


Trio Andaluz played a one week tour of the Southwest to support its new debut CD Release.

Jeremy Bleich - oud
Meagan Chandler - voice
Gregory Gutin - percussion

The Trio plays North African influenced interpretations of Western songs by Jeff Buckley, Leonard Cohen, Bob Dylan, Nick Drake, Tool, Led Zeppelin, and Radiohead as well as original compositions and masterful group improvisations.

Like us on Facebook:

Trio Andaluz

checkout this video of one of Trio Andaluz doing Nick Drake's "Road":


New on YouTube: House Concert's III performance of "3 Poems of Hafiz - A Piece For Women's Choir"
You can view it here.

Click on my YouTube channel newbassplace to view other videos from previous house concerts,
including a short film I made with music from

House Concert IV's String Quintet and footage from
last summers House Concert V which featured two Brass Quintets as well as a promotional video of
Love and Emma Goldman: A Rock Opera.

recent events:

House Concert VI!

Grasshopper Music presented its 6th House Concert Chamber Music event, with the premiere of a work created for a new instrument called "The Owl" - a hammer dulcimer type instrument constructed with a steel soundboard strung with high tension piano wire and played with bows and various beaters, constructed by Travis Weller for Austin, Texas Composer Andrew Stoltz. Plus a performance of local composer Jeremy Bleich's, "Quartet for Button Reeds and Strings" - (for Violin, Viola, Accordion and Melody-horn - a plastic diatonic horn).


@ The Wiliam & Joseph Gallery # 727 Canyon Road Santa Fe Friday, January 11th, 2012 @ 7pm
click here for the FaceBook event.

.. * ..

Circus Luminous celebrated its 10 year aniversary this year at the Lensic Nov. 23-25th
and I was asked to compose the score once again!

This year the band included:

Dan Barton - tenor sax, clarinet
J.Q. Whitcomb- trumpet
Mark Weaver- tuba
Jeremy Bleich- keys, piano, guitar, sampler
Paul "Feathericci" Groetzinger- drums, electronics

.. * ..

Sunday, Sept.23rd at SFUAD!

"Quartet for Button Reeds and Strings"
in conjunction with Team Everything and the Santa Fe Reporter Arts Festival.
The pianist Nils Framm (Berlin) topped the bill and "Quartet for Button Reeds and Strings" opened the show.

The Quartet featured:

Carla Kountoupes - Violin
Shanti Randall - Viola
Deborah Unger - Accordion
and Jeremy Bleich - Melodyhorn (a plastic toy diatonic horn)

for more details about Nils Framm and the show click on the link to the facebook event here:

Team Everything presents Nils Framm and Jeremy Bleich

.. * ..

GoGoSnapRadio played its debut westcoast tour!!!!
a list of dates is below.

and you can buy our new CD "The Spaces In Between" here
or on Itunes or cd baby.

GoGoSnapRadio Aug/Sept. 2012 Tour Schedule
Go to for more details

8-4: Penasco, NM- Penasco Theatre 7:30p
8-9: Bisbee, AZ- Poco 6p
8-10: Tucson, AZ- Solar Culture 9p
8-11: Phoenix, AZ- The Trunk Space 7:30p
8-15: Las Vegas, NV- Freakin’ Frog 9:30p
8-18: Culver City, CA- House Concert 310-963-7525 7p
8-21: San Luis Obisbo, CA- Linnaea’s 7p
8-22: Santa Cruz, CA- The Ugly Mug 6p
8-24: San Fran, CA- Simple Pleasures 8p
8-25: Oakland, CA- House Concert 505-629-8163 8p
8-26: Mendocino, CA- The Caspar Inn 9:30p
8-29: Eureka, CA- Synapsis 8p
8-30: Eugene, OR- Luckey’s Club & Cigar Store 10p
9-2: Portland, OR- Valentine’s 9:30p
9-4: Victoria, BC- Free House Concert!!! TBA
9-8: Denver, CO-The Gypsy House Cafe 7p
9-15: Santa Fe, NM- Wise Fool Studios 8pm
9-16: Santa Fe, NM- AHA Fest (sometime before 3p)
9-16: Albuquerque, NM- The Outpost 7:30p

.. * ..


Jeremy Bleich - solo performance @Dragon Rising July 20th
                                                    1512 Pacheco St. #C-101

.. * ..

Love and Emma Goldman: A Rock Opera
Music composed by Jeremy Bleich, Libretto by Sarah-Jane Moody

Director/Librettist Sarah-Jane Moody and myself just closed our opening run of our rock opera about the life of anarchist Emma Goldman. I am very excited to represent the words and vision of this amazing woman in music.

May 17th-20th at the Armory for the Arts in Santa Fe, NM.  

The cast includes: Sarah Wieler, Meagan Chandler, Kat Zdan, Aleph Ayin and Giacomo Zafarano

The band includes: Carla Kountoupes - violin, Mike Gamble - guitar, Brian Mayhall - keys and bass
                                Paul "Feathericci" Groetzinger - drums and electronics and
                                Jeremy Bleich - guitar, piano, and keys. 

Love and Emma Goldman: A Rock Opera facebook event page

We have recorded a CD that was released on the opening night performance. You can get a copy here.


.. . * . ..

the grasshopper music house concert series:

grasshopper music house concert V has been scheduled to happen July 3rd in collaboration with high mayhem.

.. . * . ..

on september 20th, 2009 at 8pm, i presented the first in a series of house concerts with new works by myself and local composers and improvisers. this series is presented in an effort to revive the art of chamber music in the "classical" tradition to its original form - allowing the listener to experience new music in the most intimate of settings, creating events in homes, art galleries and small theatres across Santa Fe.

these concerts include with the price of admission good food, tea and the unforgettable experience of hearing expressive and diverse musicians in the area performing new works for you at close range. past concerts have included works for string quintet, womans choir, guitar, GoGoSnapRadio (pop duo), prepared piano and "house" percussion.

if you are interested in hosting a house concert, please feel free to contact me.

look for the next installment of the series coming soon.

grasshopper music house concert V happened July 3rd in collaboration with
high mayhem
, This concert featured new works for brass quintet by J.Bleich and Mark Weaver
as well as music from Oakland composer Andrew Weathers


. .. * .. .


House Concert IV:

this concert featured string quintets by Mozart and Bleich performed by
The Santa Fe String Quintet

   featuring: carla kountoupes - violin, christine chen - violin, shanti randall - viola, gail robertson - viola,
   and chase morrison - cello.

this event was promoted in part by Santa Fe Pulse.                       

house concert III:

this event included a trio for women's voices including meagan chandler, cecilia leitner and nicole jensen w/ text from 3 hafiz poems (14th century sufi poet/saint). this concert also featured the music of San Francisco singer/songwriter and good friend kevin McCarthy and singer Meagan Chandler's new songs.


house concert II:

this show included music from my brand new duo w/ Sarah Jane Moody called GoGo Snap Radio.
It will also feature some spontaneous compositions and improvisations from j bleich on various instruments.
for more info on GoGo Snap Radio, click on the flyer below.


house concert I:

the first concert included the santa fe premiere of my guitar duet "lullaby for isaac" performed w/ guitar virtuoso joaquin gallegos and myself as well as recent pieces composed on piano and featuring santa fe college music professor deborah unger on piano and clarinet and drummer percussionist paul "feathericci" on a new piece for prepared piano and "house percussion".




other recent events: 2011

circus luminous 2011 nov 25, 26, 27.
im super excited about this years show filled with amazing and beautiful feats of acrobatics and ariel amazement!

I have once again taken up the honor of composing and directing the music for this years lumionus.
The band includes my old friend Scott Barkan from NYC on guitar and lapsteel, JQ Whitcomb on trumpet, Mark Weaver on tuba,
and the amazing Paul "Feathericci" on drums and elctronics....

you can also download the music from luminous 2009 at the beautiful INS site


GoGoSnapRadio oct. 3rd and 5th in two great events! details a links below:

A history of bees (presented by Megan Mahoney) and GoGoSnapRadio

Thursday, November 3 · 7:00pm - 10:00pm
Caldera Gallery
926 Baca St. #6

. .. * .. .

High Mayhem Fall Series, Day 2: Imagining the Song
Saturday, November 5 at 7:00pm - November 6 at 1:00am
High Mayhem Studio
2811 Siler Lane
Santa Fe, NM

Wind up Birds
... Thin Air Trio
DC Bond
GoGoSnap radio
the Grannia Griffith Story


I joined my good friend Kevin McCarthey for a few dates in Austin, Tx in June.
Joining us on guitar was my Eftah collaborator Andrew Stoltz.
See links below for details on the Friday and Saturday performances.

Kevin McCarthey with J.Bleich
Friday, June 10 · 8:00pm - 11:00pm @
Cherrywood Coffeehouse

Kevin McCarthey with J.Bleich and Andrew Stoltz
Saturday, June 11 · 6:30pm - 7:30pm

House Concert (song series):

My good friend Kevin McCarthey is coming to Santa Fe to make beautiful music for you. With our friends Evarusnik and another SanFrancisco treat; The Kelly McFarling Trio Sat June 4th at 7pm >>>>>>>


I have been commissioned to write four arrangements for the Contemporary Youth Orchestra and Jefferson Starship for a concert in Cleveland on June 5th at the former Nautica Stage in the flats. see links below for ticket

information and details about this amazing youth orchestra run by my good friend, Liza Grossman.



GoGoSnapRadio in Nashville and Cleveland!

Time: Saturday, December 18 · 7:00pm - 11:30pm

Location: Kristina Krug Photography
1015 W Kirkland #414
click here to view our facebook event and details

Cleveland, OH
Time: Wed. December 22nd 8pm-11pm
Location: by invitation only -
if your interested in coming to this event please contact me
and i will give you details, seats are limited and reserved on a first come first served basis.
there is no cover, dontations encouraged - but no one is turned away for lack of funds.

        .. .*. ..

Youre invited to a wonderful event of Sufi devotional music and storytelling:
Water is Life -
fundraiser House Concert: a project to dig hundreds of wells in Kenya
Sunday, Nov. 7th 5pm
124 Alamo Drive
Zevk Ensemble
(benjamin and rabia van hattun voice/saz, rahmah luz - percussion, greggory gutin - percussion, jeremy bleich - oud)
$10 suggested donation for concert. $7.50 more to include a meal.
sponsored by Muslim Women's Coalition - a non-profit volunteer organization
100% proceeds donated to humanitarian projects.
for more information call 505.685.4533 or 505.685.4500
checkout our facebook page.

       .. .*. ..

GoGoSnapRadio at: An Evening of Circus Frivolity, Masquerade and Gourmet Delights…

Sat Oct.30 6-8pm

this is a frundraiser/dinner theatre event for wisefool's penasco theatre. there will be an after dinner dance party following the event.

      .. .*. ..



circus luminous:

circus luminous was a huge success. 2009 was the 4th year i have been involved in making music for wisefool's annual gift to santa fe. luminous 2009 featured many great musicians including: tony barba - sax/clarinet (chicago), meagan chandler - voice (santa fe/boulder), hillary schact - violin (santa fe), sharon gilchrist - mandolin (santa fe), paul fethericci- drums/percussion, and brian mayhall - keyboards (santa fe). this year i wrote the score and played piano, guitar, toy piano, and melodica. recordings of the show's music will be available in the upcoming months for download at

*music for circus luminous and medjool's debut disk are available for digital download here. .. .
 I also have several coup de circ cd's available if your interested please contact me:
 these recordings will also be available soon at the ins site for digital download.

the Cleveland Trio's debut cd is available. go here to order the disk from paypal. or email me
for more information.

       .. .*. ..

'The Cleveland Trio' cd release party!!
@The Lakewood Phoenix on July 25th
Josh Smith (sax) from SanFrancisco and I will be back in our hometown of Cleveland, Ohio this month, and along Carmen Castaldi (dr) are having our cd release party at the Lakewood Phoenix Cafe on Saturday, July 25th...

We recorded in Santa Fe, New Mexico a little while back, and are finally releasing it as our self titled debut cd.
'The Cleveland Trio' is a beautiful deocument of this group playing in it's most natural environement of free improvisation, and spontaneous composition, carefully mixed, mastered and presented with fantastic cover artwork by Ben Dewey, a great artist and fellow native Lakewoodite!
The disks are printed on recycled chipboard 4 panel covers printed by stumptown printers using natural organic dye in portland oregon and have been carefully mixed by josh and mastered by jeremy. This cd represents the culmination of a 10 year long relationship of free exploration by 3 of cleveland's most celebrated improvisers.....



.. .*. .